McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle


Underlying the development of F-15 work lay USAF Major John Boyd and mathematician Thomas Christie (the principle of conservation of energy in terms of air combat), the experience of air combat in Vietnam and the emergence of new structures of the Soviet MiG-23 and MiG-25, zademonstrowanych publicly 1967 Pre-conditions which had to meet the FX fighter project (Fighter experimental – experimental fighter), formulated and sent to 13 aviation companies in December 1965. The program has gained speed in 1968, after the presentation of new Soviet fighters. These requirements include takeoff weight exceeding 20 tonnes, maximum speed of Mach 2.3-2.5, the ratio of the weight of 0.95. December 23, 1969 until the implementation of the project company has been selected McDonnell Aircraft Company.


The first prototype flight took place on 27th July 1972, and 7 July 1973 was flown two-seater, trainer-combat TF-15A. Series production was launched on 1 March 1973, and the first serial samples were transferred to units of November 4, 1974. This was the first version of the F-15A / B (F-15B designation replaced the previously used TF-15A). Supply a newer version of F-15C began in 1979. Its prototype was flown on February 26, 1979 year. Modifications included a an increase of 907 kg capacity and modernization of internal tank fuel system so that it can be picking up more of the suspended fuel tanks. Version was discussed at the December 1984 upgrade II MSIP (Multi Stage Improvement Program), including the installation of the newly produced copies of the new avionics (including the radar Hughes APG-70 in place of the APG-63 radar, a new warning device and the ALR-56C distorting ALQ-135 and launch the apparent purpose of ALE-45). In parallel, supplied F-15D, which – like the F-15B – were dwumiejscowymi machines. In the second half of the 80 developed a two-seat strike version of the aircraft – the F-15E. Produced a total of 1,300 aircraft of all versions. Sales of aircraft continues to export, for example, recently South Korea has ordered 40 planes. Earlier in the possession of these aircraft have entered Israel, Saudi Arabia and Japan. The USAF is replaced by the F-22 Raptor. Versions were designed as exploratory, and boarding the aircraft (RF-15 and F-15N).


F-15 has proven its effectiveness in combat engagements in the Middle East, including Syrian planes over the Bekaa Valley in 1982 and the single air combat between Israeli and Syrian machines MiG-s. Israeli F-15 shot down most of the 48 Syrian planes, and we lost five aircraft. In 1981, Israeli F-15 escorts were Iraqi raid on Osirak reactor near Baghdad. In 1991, the American and Saudi F-15 A and C shot down 34 Iraqi planes and 3 helicopters, losing two, while the F-15E were used to attack ground targets mainly in the deep hinterland. During this time, thanks to shooting down a number of snap-25 was called by the pilots’ Foxbat killer “. Total in air combat F-15 shot down about 100 planes and helicopters, losing at least 8 No F-15 has not been lost in air combat. To date, the pilots flying the F-15 shot down 104 enemy planes and helicopters.