Lockheed P-38 Lightning


Lockheed P-38 Lightning – U.S. long-range fighter from World War II. It was a quick, heavily armed aircraft used for many tasks in a variety of combat conditions, despite some structural defects it was a popular and successful aircraft. The plane was built in the two separated engine system (the flying frame). Engines have been placed in the first two sections of the hulls, among whom were the cockpit with the weapons system.

aviation history

For the Lightning to a number of records and trivia: this was the first military aircraft designed in the Lockheed plant which went into production, this was the first twin-engined fighter aircraft in the U.S., the first mass-produced airplane engine widlastym Allison V-1710, the first American fighter to chassis with the front wheel, the first American aircraft to exceed 400 mph (640 kph), the first production fighter dwukadłubowy, the first American fighter shot down a German fighter plane, it was the worst single U.S. fighter during World War II, the sole aircraft produced continuously from the United States entered the war until its end, and all Lightningi shot down a total of more Japanese aircraft than any other American fighter.